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  • Creation Apologetics (2 Credits)

    Creation Apologetics (2 Credits)

    Learn about the study of Apologetics with a special emphasis on creationism. This course includes a field trip to the Omaha Zoo.

    Price $300.00

  • Introduction to Bible Study (3 Credits)

    Introduction to Bible Study (3 Credits)

    Provides foundational principles for understanding and interpreting the Bible and surveys the methods and tools needed for effective Bible study. This course will conclude with a study of dispensations.

    Price $350.00

  • Introduction to Literature (3 Credits)

    Introduction to Literature (3 Credits)

    An introduction to some of the great works of literature, mostly in the western tradition. Short stories, poetry, drama, and novels will be examined in the context of the historical period in which they were written and the author’s philosophical and religious views.

    Price $350.00

  • Introduction to Philosophy (2 Credits)

    Introduction to Philosophy (2 Credits)

    An overview of the history of philosophy and a survey of philosophical topics. The course acquaints the student with the leading figures, terminology, and basic problems of philosophy. Solutions of the leading philosophical systems are compared, contrasted, and evaluated.

    Price $250.00

  • New Testament Survey (3 Credits)

    New Testament Survey (3 Credits)

    A survey of the books of the New Testament, giving such points as the background of the book, keywords and verses, information about the author, date and circumstances of writing, theme, importance, features, and the high points of each book.

    Price $350.00

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